The Friday Five: Kitchen Renovation (Almost the End)

Six months ago my parents began a renovation of their main floor kitchen, laundry room, and powder room. You may have read about the progress here and here. I’m happy to report that the kitchen is (almost) complete. Here are five views of their new space.

What’s left to do? Well, my parents are currently dealing with a kitchen table DIY and the hunt is back on for the perfect set of chairs. It’s almost the end!

Custom kitchen by Parada Kitchens. Photos by Brunida Kaso.


  1. Silvia Del Rosso August 17, 2012

    the kitichen looks spectacular!
    All the hard work is well worth it.

    • Jordana August 18, 2012

      I can’t stop looking at it because I think it is just absolutely gorgeous. The transformation from their old 80s kitchen is pretty remarkable! The workmanship is also something to really highlight. I’ll have to take some photos of the details and post them one day.

  2. Boba August 17, 2012

    I love it… almost as much as my own. 🙂

    • Jordana August 18, 2012

      Ha ha. Awesome Boba. Your before/after photos are pretty incredible. Your kitchen is great – you know how much I love your soapstone counters (even though they aren’t white).

  3. Nolia August 19, 2012

    The white is so clean and timeless. Look forward to hearing more about the table and chair hunt! If you need any suggestions we’ve got a ton of fun new and vintage fines in the Nolia Design warehouse that pair well with WHITE MARBLE KITCHENS, our favorite!


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