Art: Go Big with Minted

After a very busy week away, I’m back home, and I’m back to blogging! I have so many things to share. Get ready for a few fun weeks ahead.

I’m currently planning a couple of projects with one of my all-time favourite online shops – Minted. I’ve used Minted many times in the past for Christmas cards, party supplies, and small pieces of art for my gallery wall. Today, though, is all about big art! Move over gallery walls – big art is coming through.

I’ve been looking for a piece for my basement lounge. A few months ago, I painted the bed (made from two Ikea twin frames that came with my house) high gloss black and the walls white (shout out to CIL). I threw on every black and white pillow that I had lying around and called it a day. The blank wall above the daybed is definitely in need of something beautiful and this is an easy fix thanks to Minted.

Here’s the starting point:

Minted has a huge selection of art by artists from around the world. I love that you can customize each piece in terms of size and framing. It makes is super easy to find a piece that is exactly right for your space.

Here are some prints that made my favourite list for my basement:

White-Cabana-Minted-5Moth No. 2 by Peter Loves JaneWhite-Cabana-Minted-44 Robins by Kim JohnsonWhite-Cabana-Minted-3Quorum No. 3 by Stephanie NowotarskiWhite-Cabana-Minted-2Palm Trees in the Wind by Simone KleinWhite-Cabana-Minted-1Stepping Stones by Little Bird Paperie

They’re big, graphic, and black and white – my favourite combo! That said, I think many of you might end up being surprised by my final choice. I’m so excited for my new print to arrive. Now I get to keep you all in suspense!

Thanks to Minted for sponsoring this post.

Design: Classic White in Chapel Hill

My sister recently sent me photos of her friend’s home in Chapel Hill. I nearly fell off of my chair when I saw them. It’s gorgeous! It is clear that the homeowners designed each and every room with thought and care. The colour combinations, the furniture pairings, and the rugs especially grabbed my attention. That said, the homeowners have kept some rooms (kitchen, laundry) very classic with the use of white. I think this was a smart move because full renovations to these spaces can be costly. While it’s relatively affordable to change furnishings and paint, kitchens are much more expensive to renovate.

Okay, enough of the chit chat. Let me show you what I’m talking about. kitchenkitchen3kitchen2laundryYou must check out the whole home. Aren’t the kids’ rooms beautiful? I’m also loving the rattan chair in the master. Such a beautifully designed home, don’t you think?

Photos by Corie.

Update: Yesterday, The New York Times published an article about Chapel Hill that may be of interest to those of you who have been to the area or who are planning to visit: 36 Hours in Chapel Hill-Carrboro, NC.

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