Rainbow White

Have you met Jessi Arrington yet? She is a colourful, happy and a self-described Lucky So and So. Her favourite colour is rainbow and her daily fashion picks barely ever include a drop of white or black. We couldn’t have more opposite colour preferences or fashion styles. But you know what, I’m totally impressed by the creative things that she does.

And…she has worn white on at least one occasion:

from Jessi’s Rainbow Birthday

I guess white is an essential ingredient in rainbows. This makes me happy.

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

I am loving the sparkles on this Moroccan wedding blanket from Table Tonic. This Australian online store also carries the most delightful hand embroidered Mexican suzanis in all the colours of the rainbow. I’m most drawn to the white blankets and pillows…of course. Louise, of Table Tonic, is continuing to bring in new items, so be sure to check back often.

Moroccan wedding blanket sequins

Moroccan wedding blanket

Photos courtesy of Table Tonic.

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