Design: Hermès

In honour of my trip to Paris, I’m turning White Cabana into a French-filled blog over the next week or so. I’m starting with a biggie – Hermès.

While I’ve had my eye on Hermès for, like, ever, I only recently added Hermès pieces to my wardrobe this past fall to celebrate my PhD. I bought a classic black cross-body Evelyne and a beautiful (and colourful) carré. They were big purchases but I had been thinking about them for quite some time. I do take my luxury goods purchases very seriously.

Let’s have a look at some of the French goodness, shall we?


Clic H bracelet, $620


Oran sandals, $745


Paf golf booties, $345


Grand H pochette, $155


Lift GM pendant, $350


Maillons de Joel Stein, $420


Garden Party bag, $1980


Avalon blanket, $1375


Sharing Secrets: Caviar 20

I know it’s supposed to be a secret and all, but I just can’t keep it to myself! Caviar 20 is having a (shhh) secret sale! It’s too exciting! Prices have been reduced in half! I’ve pointed White Cabana readers to Caviar 20 in the past as I believe it’s truly a hot source for beautiful collectibles. In addition to original Fornasetti pieces, Tahir Mahmood’s mortar & pestles, and art deco lamps, Caviar 20 is the place to find unique chairs, Ikat pillows, and original art.

Octagon French Art Deco Chandelier, $375 (reduced from $775)

The C Chair by Karl Sorlie & Sonner, $325 (reduced from $475)

The Caviar 20 (secret) sale goes until November 8th so be sure to get there soon! Click here for sale items.

Images courtesy of Caviar 20.

Paris: Apple Store

I’m currently testing out Apple gadgets at the Paris Apple store. Besides the cool products, the architecture of this building is white and fresh! Just took a photo using the MacBook Pro. Loving the classic Parisien iron work.

Paris Apple store - photo taken with the MacBook Pro

Image taken by Jordana at the Paris Apple store;

Antique Lights at Caviar 20

Caviar 20 continues to offer an incredible selection of artwork, antique furniture and beautiful sculptures. I am particularly smitten with their unique white light fixtures. Each one tells a story of an era gone by.

First up is a white lamp circa 1970 designed by the well-known Venitian glass-makers, Vistosi.

Vistosi "Phantom" lamp

 Next we have the Danish disc chandelier. I love the sculptural sophistication of this piece.

Danish disc chandelier

A third favourite is this unique French art deco octagon chandelier. It adds instant glamour to any room.

French Octagon chandelier

If you would like more information about these and other exceptional pieces, go have a peek at Caviar 20. It’s a feast for the eyes!

Images courtesy of Caviar 20.