The Friday Five: Hearts Galore

I didn’t actually mean to have such a Valentine’s Day-focused week on the blog this week, but¬†my posts just ended up that way. I wonder if this is when I’m supposed to realize that I should be moving towards using an editorial calendar for my blog posts? I’ve resisted¬†using such a calendar because I¬†have always taken¬†more of a let-the-blog-evolve-naturally-my-life-is-already-over-scheduled approach to blogging. Anyway, I digress…this post isn’t actually about how to be a blogger. It’s about how to¬†live with hearts! It is February, after all! So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Living with hearts…do you? will you? could you? I’d love to know if any of these spaces strike your fancy.


Bodie and Fou via French by Design

heart-print-chalkboard-Caravan-shoppevia Caravan Shoppe


Tutze store in the Netherlands via Jelanié


via Vtwonen


via The Design Chaser

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Enjoy your weekend (it’s a long one for us in Ontario…Happy Family Day, too!).

The Friday Five: Office Spaces

For the last few weeks I’ve had office spaces on my mind. I’m inspired to re-do mine and make it as bright and white as possible! I need to come up with a way to effectively de-clutter the desktop while making it work efficiently for me. Papers and books are usually piled high!

studiotoogood0147_LC_web_33Studio Toogood via Desire to Inspire

via Real Simple

office_Kristofer Johnssonphoto by Kristofer Johnsson via La Maison d’Anna G.


Belinda Love Lee‘s¬†bright white workspace, via DesignSponge

Curious Details

Becki’s white office, Curious Details

Have a wonderful weekend!