Marketplace: Crystals

Before I talk about crystals as the title suggests, I thought I’d let you know that I’m taking a break from Trivia Thursday. What do you think? Did you like this series, or are you ready for something new? If you’re ready for something new, what are you interested in? Do you want more home decor inspiration, marketplace features, personal posts, travel-related posts, or a mix of all of the above? Let me know, please.

And now for some crystals.


crystal formations

crystal geode

crystal pendant

crystal light box

Pretty, right? They’re lovely for your home and your jewelry collection. And I know many people believe in the healing power of crystals (e.g., learn more at GOOP), so they’re good for that, too.

Marketplace: Swarovski Crystal and Traditions

Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal

Before I could barely even string a sentence together, my mom taught about Swarovski crystal. I know, right? She tells me stories of going to the Swarovski factory in Austria when I was quite young and buying pairs of Swarovski animals. There was always a pair Рone for me and one for my sister, she said.

She hasn’t added to her collection in quite some time, so this past Christmas, I thought I should spoil her. I picked up a¬†couple of sweet little animals to add to her collection. Swarovski‘s growing collection is¬†amazing…as is my mom’s!¬†Here’s a peek into her collection…


a pair of crystal squirrels


a pair of bears


a pair of bunnies


a hedgehog (this one might be my favourite!)


a kangaroo (my sister brought this one back from Australia)

View the entire collection at Swarovski.

Photos by me.

The Friday Five: Kitchens

Do you notice any similarities among the following five kitchens?

via House of Bliss

via House of Bliss

via Enchanted Home

source unknown

via The Kitchn

Well, yes, they’re white…of course they’re white! But did you also notice the crystal chandelier in each of the spaces? What do you think about adding a bit of crystal in the kitchen?