Hotel to Home: A Little Parisian Kitchen

Okay – so today’s “hotel” is technically an AirBnB option, but let’s ignore that for a moment, shall we? It’s a place to stay while you’re traveling, and I think it’s a perfect option for today’s hotel to home post…especially since I’m working with the apartment’s  kitchen, and I rarely do kitchens (or have I ever?) on this series. Plus – it’s in Paris!

paris-white-airbnbvia AirBnB

I’m not offering a full kitchen design, but more like some options for some modern and functional products for your existing kitchen. Have a look and let me know if anything strikes your fancy!

Ikea cabinets, Ikea faucet, Cuisinart toaster, Nespresso machine, wood tray, Ikea plant pot, mugs, cutting board,









Marketplace: The Best Way to Hang Towels

Recently, I had a surprisingly long conversation with a couple of friends about towels. Yes, towels. We talked at length about the best way to hang towels so that they dry quickly. One of these friends is a mathematics professor, so she had a mathematical explanation about surface area and such (Hi, DK!). She insisted that the best way to hang a towel is lengthwise by a tab at the end. Towels that have hooks on the end, however, are hard to find (but she has found sets that she likes at Bed Bath & Beyond*).

Imagine my surprise, then, when I was at Ikea and noticed that their towels have end tabs/hooks, too! Maybe the Swedes (and my friend) are on to something here.


I hang towels in different ways around my home. I have the over-the-hook-hang-from-the-middle towels and folded-neatly-in-half towels. I have to say – everything dries at a reasonable pace.



Oh – and let’s not forget the just-for-show towels that never leave this ladder.


So, tell me, how do you hang your towels? What’s your theory about efficient drying?

*This is not a sponsored post. My friend actually talked so positively about the success she has had in Bed Bath & Beyond’s towel department.


In the Kitchen: Coffee Maker Review

A little while ago, I shared that I was in the market for a new coffee maker. I was fortunate to work with the fine folks at Bed Bath & Beyond to get the best-for-my-needs coffee machine. Here’s what happened since I shared my coffee maker options with you…

After reading about the machines online, talking to friends about their machines, I headed on over to Waterloo’s Bed Bath & Beyond one evening to make the purchase. I could have easily bought a machine online, but I thought it best to get the full Bed Bath & Beyond experience.

I had intended to buy KitchenAid’s 12-cup coffee maker (mostly because it was white, white, white!), but when I saw the options in store, the Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker caught my eye. I hadn’t seen this one on the Canadian Bed Bath & Beyond site, so it kind of threw my whole decision off. I kept thinking about my sister’s long-lasting Cuisinart machine, and I really liked the buttons and small time display on this machine over the large, round display on the KitchenAid.

KitchenAid-coffee maker-Bed Bath BeyondKitchenAid 12-cup glass carafe coffee maker, $129.99 CAD, Bed Bath & Beyond

Cuisinart-coffee maker-Bed Bath BeyondCuisinart 12-cup programmable coffee maker, $99.99 CAD, Bed Bath & Beyond

While aesthetics are important, I wanted to be sure that the machine was of high quality, too. And this is where the manager of Bed Bath & Beyond came in.

I am still completely impressed by how knowledgeable and matter-of-fact the manager was. (This is unsolicited feedback, by the way. Nobody in the store new that I was going to be writing a review of the coffee maker on my blog.) She took the time to go over pretty much ever feature on each of the two machines so that I could make a decision. She was so patient, and she asked me really good questions about my needs.

She asked me several times if I was sure I wanted a white machine (I told you she didn’t know who she was dealing with!) because the coffee staining on white machines is more noticeable than on black or stainless. This was a good point to consider, but I assured her that I had to have white!

She also pointed out interesting features of the carafe of each of the machines. The KitchenAid’s carafe has a glass spout which could be easily knocked/chipped/broken. Plus, in her opinion, these types tended to dribble. The Cuisinart’s carafe has a plastic spout, which could result in less dribbles.

Together, we explored the various features – programming options, water filters, buttons, etc. We also looked at the price. The KitchenAid came in at $30 more than the Cuisinart, and I really didn’t know why – especially after we compared all of the features. Now, we all know I love KitchenAid (I’ve been extremely happy with my stand mixer), but I wasn’t convinced of its price tag.

So, in the end, I left Bed Bath & Beyond with a shiny new Cuisinart machine, and I’m definitely pleased! I’ve been using it for several weeks, and it’s been working out really well.

White-Cabana-Cuisinart-Coffee Maker-Bed Bath Beyond-3White-Cabana-Cuisinart-Coffee Maker-Bed Bath Beyond-5 White-Cabana-Cuisinart-Coffee Maker-Bed Bath Beyond-2

White-Cabana-Cuisinart-Coffee Maker-Bed Bath Beyond-4

I like that the reusable gold-ish basket, the integrated water filter, the look of the buttons, and the programmable feature. Design-wise, it sits nicely beside my Cuisinart toaster. The coffee brews quickly, and it tastes good, too! The carafe pours well and there’s no dribbling. I can see how the coffee can easily stain the white plastic, so I do take an extra minute to wipe everything down carefully (after I’ve had my first cup of coffee, of course).

Many thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond for sponsoring this post. Thanks to Leah, too! And more thanks to Waterloo’s Bed Bath & Beyond manager who was so patient with me! All opinions are my own.

Marketplace: Coffee Time

How much coffee do you drink per day? I drink it pretty regularly. Two lattes, to be precise. I have one in the morning with breakfast and another mid-morning at work. On some days, I might sneak in an extra espresso, cappuccino, or a drip coffee, but these aren’t part of my regular routine. I enjoy more than just the taste of coffee – I like the whole coffee making and drinking experience. Yes, I know, I’m particular. I’m happy to drink it in various forms, but nothing so jazzy – just coffee and milk. That’s that.

A while back, my ol’ classic Braun carafe broke, and I was bummed. I debated replacing just the carafe, but then I thought that an investment in a new, programmable coffee maker might be a wise move.

When I reached out to Bed Bath & Beyond, the company has generously offered to send me a shiny new machine to solve my lack-of-drip-coffee-machine problem (Yay! Thanks so much BB&B!). Here are the ones that I’m considering.


KitchenAid 12-cup coffee makerKrups 12-cup Savoy, Cuisinart Brew Central, Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker

Do you have any of them? If so, please share your review!

While all of these coffee makers have received good reviews online, I am mostly drawn to the KitchenAid 12-cup coffee maker and the Cuisinart Brew Central. Here is my thinking – the KitchenAid is white, I’ve had good luck with KitchenAid, and it would match my trusty stand mixer. The Cuisinart Brew Central has received great reviews, and my sister and brother-in-law have had this machine for 10 years (ten!). The stainless Cuisinart would match my stainless fridge.

What do you think I should go for?

Thanks again to Bed Bath & Beyond for sponsoring this post (and my coffee habit)! Thanks, Leah, for your help in arranging this!