The Friday Five: Travel Accessories

As I’ve been travelling for the last two weeks, I thought I would devote today’s Friday Five to lovely white travel items. 1. First on the list is a beautiful travel journal. Jot down addresses of those special restaurants and sketch your beautiful surroundings in one of these lovely little books. ¬†2. Next up is

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White Cabana on Bloglovin'

I’ve just joined Bloglovin’. Quite exciting to read many of my favourite blogs all in one spot! It’s sort of like having a fabulous bookshelf which holds all those favourite books… ¬† Follow¬†White Cabana¬†with bloglovin. Photo courtesy of World Famous Design Junkies.

What Type Are You?

This is not your typical “type” quiz. It doesn’t ask you about how you like to spend your weekend, your ideal vacation spot, the books you read or your favourite meal. This quiz is all about typography. What font best describes you? Click here, then type in your name, press enter and enjoy the experience!

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