The Friday Five: My Menagerie

I recently realized that I have a growing collection of (fake) animals in my house. Right now it seems like everything I have comes in pairs…how very Noah’s Ark, right?


Jonathan Adler lion

lion paperweight

The Jonathan Adler lion was a congratulatory gift from my sister and brother-in-law. They gave it to me when I completed my Master’s. I have since purchased a matching mini JA lion ornament. My mom found the glass paperweight with the lion etching at a garage sale and she thoughtfully bought it for me (p.s. I’m a Leo).



a pair of wise owls

I found the sweet little bird at a thrift store and just had to have it. I haven’t found the perfect spot for it yet though. I won the owl pitchers (or vases) over at Greige. They are happy on my bookshelf  – near a pair of owl bookends. (Honestly, I can’t believe how my animal collection has grown!)


elephant pillow

I bought these pillows (one is an elephant and one is a giraffe) for my parents a while ago at Loblaw Superstore. They didn’t seem to like them as much as I did so the pillows soon became mine.

How about our White Cabana readers? What are your collections made up of?


  1. Lori February 21, 2011

    love, love, LOVE! Next step > beautiful white cat adopted from rescue. I’ll keep my eyes open for you 😉

    • Jordana February 22, 2011

      Hee hee…um…well…thanks?! For now I’m quite happy with my static porcelain “pets”. But then again, it was kind of fun to have a fish.

  2. Johanne February 24, 2011

    Oh geez, I guess that means that your fish is no longer with us-? I’m sorry to hear that.

    As for my animal collections, I don’t think that I have any. I’ll poke around and double-check but I think I’m animal-free (except for my fluffy white REAL cat ;)).


    • Jordana February 24, 2011

      Johanne – you have the softest whitest cat I think I’ve ever seen!
      p.s. T2, the fish, passed away over the summer. So sad.


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