Fashion: The Girl with the Pearl Earring

I just had to use that title for this post.


via Hello Fashion


Grace Kelly – photo via A Sophisticated Style

Pearl earrings…I think we’re going to be seeing more of them in 2015! I think the 360 style will be the most popular, but I think the others will hold strong as well. What do you think?


Mise en Dior pearl earrings


pearl 360 studs, $28


dual pearl studs, $14.99


Wooters & Hendrix pearl earrings, $209


bubble pearl studs, $28

Fashion: Cartier Exhibit in Paris

I was pretty thrilled when I learned that there was a Cartier exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris during my stay. I arrived on Saturday and the last day of the show was Sunday. Naturally, after dropping off our luggage at our apartment, my friends and I walked over (through the Louvre, tuileries, Concorde, etc.) to the Grand Palais. I had never been to there before this visit. I could have stared at the architectural details of the building for hours, but I had diamonds to see so we headed directly into the show.


The diamonds, and the rest of the Cartier collection (books, designs, templates, forms, clothing, paintings) was unbelievably beautiful. The diamonds sparkled brilliantly (well, that’s pretty obvious for a diamond that is 40 carats, right?). The collection included diamonds worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Queen Elizabeth, among others. The show took us through the historical journey of Cartier, including the sources of design inspiration for Louis-Francois Cartier all those years ago. By the end of the show, I became pretty good at picking out the Tutti Frutti pieces – they’re too colourful for my taste, but oh so gorgeous to look at. Heck, I wouldn’t say no to Cartier. Who are we kidding?

P1020067 P1020075

White-Cabana-Cartier-5 White-Cabana-Cartier-3 White-Cabana-Cartier-4 White-Cabana-Cartier-1White-Cabana-Cartier-2


White-Cabana-Cartier-6 P1020069

Unfortunately, the exhibit was very crowded on the Saturday afternoon that we were there, and it wasn’t a very enjoyable show to attend. The jewelry cases were quite close together and people did not flow easily around the small(ish) space. It’s too bad, actually, that it wasn’t more pleasant to wander around the exhibit. I know I missed a lot of up-close views of many important pieces. Perhaps I was also just a tad tired from the trip over (and I’m too impatient to deal with crowds).

Nevertheless, it was pretty cool to be in a room with so much sparkle!

Thanks to the Grand Palais for supplying my show ticket.

Design: Christofle

Keeping up with the French theme, today I’m featuring some absolutely impressive items from Christofle. Why are beautiful French objets so darn pricey? Luxury doesn’t come cheap, right?


butter dish, $400


set of four butter spreaders – Malmaison, $495


pastry stand – Jardin d’Eden, $1160


rectangular tray – AG47, $370

magnifying glass-Christofle

magnifying glass – Alibi, $215


candelabra, $1950


bowl – Transatlantique,  $1750


necklace – Onde d’argent, $1650


necklace – Palmaceae, $2400


bangle – rivage


champagne cooler, $1700

 Gorgeous, right? Oh, just so lovely!

Fashion: Finding the Perfect Circle Ring

People. People. Remember when I said that I was on the hunt for a beautiful circle ring? I had bought a few cheap versions over the years to test things out while I looked for a real one in silver or gold. Then I discovered the Elsa Peretti Sevillana and I wanted it! Needed it! Remember all of that?

I went to buy the Sevillana when I was in Toronto last month, but Tiffany & Co. was out of stock in my size. What!? I was quite disappointed, yes, but I knew it wasn’t the end of the world. (I was also pretty surprised that the Sherway location only had one – one – in stock!)


 Elsa Peretti Sevillana ring, Tiffany & Co., $470

Well, my friends, it might have been a good thing that the Sevillana was out of stock because I recently discovered that the Sevillana now has some serious competition! Surprised? I was too. You see, I was browsing the Christofle site (I’m in a French frame of mind these days),  when I came across this beauty:


circle ring – Collection 925, Christofle, $380 

Gorgeous! French! Oui, oui!

So, here’s the plan. Since I am going to Paris in a couple of weeks (eek!), I’m going to check out the Christofle circle ring in person and, if I love it, it’s coming home with me. If not, then I’ll head back to Tiffany’s. I just love both of them so it’s a pretty tight competition.

What do you think? Which one do you like better?