Design: Blog Headers 18

Hope you’re all sitting down and have more than a few minutes to browse through the dozen cool blogs I’m featuring today. I still find it pretty amazing that every blog header has such a different style and identity. Kind of like fingerprints – no two are exactly the same!


Waiting for Saturday


Lucy Laucht

dustjacket 2014 v4

Dust Jacket (fashion)


Fashion Lush (fashion)


A Blog about Love (lifestyle)
logo_cocoandmingo_final Coco and Mingo (design) header_4 Yeobo (design)

essie-button-header Essie-Button (lifestyle)


Odds and Sodz (beauty, fashion, lifestyle)


Country Chic Renovator (home reno)


Another Blog (design)

Pharr Away H3

Pharr Away (lifestyle)

Design: Blog Headers 14

What type do you prefer: all capital letters like the first few blog headers, or hand-written script style letters like the latter couple of blog headers?


The Golden Diamonds (fashion)


Brunch Blog (design)


De Lune (fashion)


Just Another Fashion Blog (fashion)


Jou Jou Villeroy (fashion)

p.s. Paris recap is coming…I just need a bit of time to get organized!

Design: Blog Headers 13

Oooh…we are at lucky number thirteen in the blog header series! The first four blog header designs are girly, curvy, and look to be hand-written. The last three effectively use shapes on and around the blog name. Any faves?




Fabulous K (lifestyle) (top: old version; bottom: new version)


The Makerista (DIY)


Katie’s Bliss (fashion)


Jana Bek (design)


The Hunted Interior (design)


Hey Natalie Jean (fashion)

Uptown: Saying Goodbye to Vinyl

…and a whole bunch of other things around the house!

Things have progressed chez moi. Things are also slow going. While I can do without the mess and chaos, I’m loving the reno. It’s so satisfying to see things getting done the way that I want them. My dad has been helping out a lot and my mom will soon be joining the efforts (I’m putting their retirement to good use).

Here’s what’s been happening…

1. My dad removed the vanity and toilet from the powder room. The nice people at the Home Depot taught us about compression valves and we gave them a try. They’re great so far. I may not have a working faucet in this bathroom but the valves are shiny and clean.


2. On Friday night I decided to rip out the vinyl in the powder room. Took the baseboards right out as well using a spatula and a crowbar. I probably didn’t need the crowbar but it was awesome. I love tools!


3. Before I ripped out the floor, I visited a tile shop. The photo shows some of the tiles that I’m considering. But I think I decided to go for the 1″ white matte hex tiles. It’s going to look great! I’m going to try to tackle the floor in the next week or so. Wish me luck!


4. Dad has been doing a lot of electrical work around the house. In addition to moving ceiling and lights, he has started to replace the light switches. The square version instantly modernizes a room. The effect is really surprising (to me, at least).


5. I finished painting my bedroom a couple of weeks ago. At the moment, the ironing board is a feature in the room – I’m working on changing that! I am very happy with Chantilly Lace.


And that’s about it for now. More to come soon. Happy Friday!

*Due to a computer server issue, the original post vanished. I have rewritten this post.