20 Below: Not a Spatula

So…there’s some wallpaper to take down in my new home. The first layer of the printed paper comes off easily and then there’s a second layer – the adhesive layer? – that needs a bit of elbow grease. It hasn’t been that bad actually because I’ve used a wallpaper remover concoction made up a spray bottle full of warm water mixed liquid fabric softener (thanks for the tip Anita!). Once the adhesive layer is nice and damp, I take a spatula to it!





Stanley wall scraper, $7.49US, Staples

I recently learned that the official name of this handy gadget is “wall scraper”. Should’ve known.


  1. Anita July 23, 2013

    I know people will think I am crazy- but didnt you find it relaxing taking the wallpaper off?

    • Jordana July 23, 2013

      Not crazy AT ALL! I found it pretty relaxing and therapeutic! Got my aggression out with each rip! I’ve done 1.5 bathrooms so far. 1 full bath and 2 borders to go! I can’t seem to go anywhere in my house without my scraper.


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