Design: Collection of Sports Balls

Collections…we all have them, right? But how do we know when we’re getting a bit out of control? Bob Hambly shared his story of his fascination with collecting yesterday in this article in the Globe & Mail. He’s got a collection of just about everything – vintage Thermoses, milk dispensers, Pez dispensers to name a few. His latest quest is for white sports balls.


via The Globe & Mail

Although he has amassed quite the collection already, including an old-style wooden Polo ball carved from the root of a bamboo tree, Bob is still on the hunt for a white cricket ball and a bocce pallino. Does anyone have one that you could send to him?

Thanks to Boba for sending this my way.

Celebration: White Cabana Turns 3!

I almost ended this day without celebrating White Cabana’s fourth anniversary! Where has the time gone? I guess when there are so many projects on the go these kinds of things happen (Shame!). I really need to take a cue from my own birthday and start planning blog anniversaries the day after one ends.

So, thank you readers for coming to visit us each day for your dose of white goodness. I hope you’re having as much fun as we are! Perhaps we’ve surprised you with some quirky objects or injected a sense of calm into your day with serene spaces this past year. Thank you for engaging with white, for sending me photos of whiteness in your lives, and for emailing and tweeting me with links to interesting things that have caught your eye.

Thanks to the White Cabana contributors – Johanne, Troy, Mackenzie and Corie – who take time out of their busy lives to share some white moments with the rest of us. I am beyond grateful to you all for sharing your very different perspectives of white!

Much love to you all!


Lulu Guiness_Perspex Lips Clutch_$390Perspex Lips Clutch, $390, Lulu Guinness

Needless to say, I am looking forward to continuing the celebration of the beauty of white for another year and to sharing with you my current obsessions with this colour (or non-colour, some would say). I hope you continue to visit as often as your busy lives permit.


p.s. Celebrating White Cabana: my first post, first anniversary, second anniversary.

Celebration: White Cabana Gets a Makeover!

I am so happy to reveal White Cabana’s new look! It’s a bit more sleek and a bit more white (yes!).

There are a few more things to work out over the next little but for now please note that the new web address is

I would like to extend some very heartfelt thank you to some people who have helped make this all possible:

Shannon from AKA Design – Thanks for convincing me that a blog redesign was something that I could actually handle. It worked! Thanks also for taking the time out of your very busy life to answer my questions!

Patricia from Mira Belleza – Thanks for designing such a beautiful site…and for answering my ongoing list of questions.

The Namespro team – Thanks for making the blog transfer process so easy. Your technical support team was so incredibly supportive and clearly answered my never-ending questions!

(Is anyone noticing a theme here – my questions!?)

White Cabana’s fabulous contributors – Johanne, Mackenzie & Troy – thanks for being an awesome and very intelligent team!

My family – Thanks for giving me the thumbs up on all the blog design previews I sent you!

White Cabana’s readers – Thanks to you for stopping by the blog on a daily basis! I am so happy to share my love of white with all of you!

And before I leave you to enjoy a very lovely Monday, here’s a look back at White Cabana’s style…

White Cabana – the original header designed by Johanne

White Cabana – live until October 2012

White Cabana – live since October 2012