Hotel to Home: White 1921, Courchevel, France

When I was living in France in my 20s, I joined a group on a ski trip to the Pyénées. I was fairly adventurous at the time, and even though I wasn’t much of a skiier, I was eager for the trip. I remember having a great time overall, but what I remember the most is going on the wrong chairlift, being dropped off on a mountain that was way too advanced for my skills, and walking down the mountain. Not fun. But also sort of fun because I was with a friend and we laughed as we hiked down. I think I have only skied once or twice since then. I think I’m more of a cross-country skier or snowshoe fan at this point in my life – even though I’ve never tried either.

All things considered, though, if I found myself in the ski area of Courchevel, France, and staying at the White 1921, I’d be happy. Look at the views! And look at this bright, modern bedroom.

White 1921

Here’s my take on the look:

pendant light, wall decals, bed, duvet cover, Nespresso, pillows, rug, sheet set

Do you have any successful – or challenging – ski stories you’d like to share?






Hotel to Home: Design and Wine Hotel, Portugal

We’re heading over to Portugal today to check into the Design & Wine Hotel in Caminha.


I do not know how they do this, but the room rotates with the sun! Isn’t that the coolest thing? It sounds pretty high-tech to me!

The room (I think it’s shown in black and white in the photo above) has a ridiculously simple design. The use of multiples (in the art, water) is very striking and easy to recreate at home. Here’s what it inspired me to put together:


art, sheet set, blinds, water, glass

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