Hotel to Home: Boscolo, Nice, France

I realized earlier this week that I have been featuring hotels in this hotel to home series weekly since March 2016. That’s over a year’s worth of hotels! Isn’t that wild? There have been so many beautiful hotels that I’ve drooled over, and I certainly cannot pick a favourite! Can you? I’m debating bringing this

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Hotel to Home: Hotel Josef, Czech Republic

We’re traveling to the Czech Republic to have a closer look at the restaurant at the modern Hotel Josef. Hotel Josef restaurant via Best Reisen chair, table, place setting, napkins, tile

Hotel to Home: Casa Do Conto, Portugal

Let’s head over to Europe today to check out the sleek, industrial Casa Do Conto in Porto, Portugal. Suite Avenue PB To recreate the space this week, I’ve opted to take a different approach. I’ve gathered items in the low, medium, and high price categories. Have a look at the similarities and differences between the

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Hotel to Home: Apotek, Iceland

We’re heading north to the hot-spot-destination of Reykjavik, Iceland today. Here, we’ll take a peek inside the beautiful Apotek hotel. This is a four-star boutique hotel in a historical building that once housed Reykjavik’s pharmacy. Apotek – get it? (Apotek means pharmacy.) While there are so many stylish suites to feature, I’ve settled on this

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Hotel to Home: 1 Hotel South Beach, Miami

When I was at Sheridan Oakville last week (giving a talk about blogging! #WhiteCabanaGoesToSheridan), one of the students in the class suggested that I check out 1 Hotel in Miami and to look especially for the white lobby. He was certain that I would be impressed. And guess what, I am! And I think you

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