The Friday Five: Beautiful Books

Yes – we all know I’m a sucker for books. I’ve got books in every room in my apartment (and I’ve actually read most of them too!) and I just love them all (if that doesn’t sound like an academic, I don’t know what does). I’ve been browsing the bookstores often lately and there are some really gorgeous, high-quality books currently on the market. Publishers like Taschen and Phaidon produce just beautifully clean books and I always get so much pleasure reading them – and then looking at them stacked up on a table or bookshelf. The five books featured here have easily grabbed my attention – because they’re white, yes – but also because they provide so much inspiration.

The Art of French Baking, $31

Eleven Madison Park: A Cookbook, $36; photo by Paula Forbes

The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria, $23

A Taxonomy of Office Chairs, $45

D & AD 2011, $59.99

Marketplace: Andy Warhol's Coloring Book

It is not often that one can find a child’s gift that is cool enough for an adult to keep. However, A Colouring Book: Drawings by Andy Warhol is a prime exception.

As the title implies, the 24-page book contains Warhol’s whimsical drawings (sans colour) from the late 1950s.

Originally created in 1961 for on of Warhol’s clients (at the time Warhol was working as a commercial illustrator) the book was re-released in 1990…only to go out of print shortly after. Well, as Warhol mania continues in the art market, the colouring book has been made available again.

$17, Amazon

A charming stocking stuffer for the little creative types in your life…or a cheap & chic idea for any Warhol aficionados.

Dear Readers: Do not adjust your computer screens. Troy is taking over White Cabana this week and, as you can see, he’s really shaken things up around here! Enjoy. – Jordana

Books: Brilliant by Linda O'Keeffe

Yes, yes, we all know I read a lot of books – my day job requires it of course! But the book that recently came my way, Brilliant: White in Design by Linda O’Keeffe, is really one that deserves a lot of attention. Especially for anyone who loves white – ahem, ahem – as much as I do!

In a nutshell: It all begins and ends with white.

Linda O’Keeffe has filled over 220 pages with gorgeous photographs of white objects, interiors and exteriors from around the world. White is explored in design as being radiant, pure, seductive, lucid, harmonious, neutral, thoughtful and natural. Is there really any reason to love any other colour?

Just look at these images. Do they not evoke calmness, purity, harmony, and beauty?

Linda O’Keeffe’s Brilliant was published on October 25th, 2011 by The Monacelli Press.

Many thanks to Rachel at BDE for arranging for me to preview this book.

Books: Gwyneth Paltrow's My Father's Daughter

The fabulous and thoughtful Johanne gave me Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, My Father’s Daughter.

In trying to achieve my 2011 cooking goal I’ve been attempting some of the recipes.
Well – let me tell you – I am SO enjoying this cookbook! ¬†It’s not much of a surprise that I’m working through the book in a backward kind of way – I’m starting with the dessert section first. Smart, right?

In recent weeks I made the “healthy” brownies, the thumbprint cookies, blueberry muffins, healthier blueberry muffins and the peanut butter cookies. Two thumbs up for everything so far.

White covers

I’m back!

Okay, so I know you haven’t really missed me since Jordana’s been doing a fine job keeping up with the White Wednesday content for me while I took a momentary leave. Well, I just adore this blog and I really couldn’t stay away any longer- so¬†here¬†I am and so¬†happy to be in¬†white again.

This week¬†I’d like to share with you these fantastic silhouettes blown up as¬†novel posters from over at NovelPoster:

Can you identify the classic novels based on their illustrated outlines? (answers below)

The¬†elegant¬†posters are a nice an’ easy $30 a pop and would spice up any space, but¬† probably best in that cozy spot for curling up with a good ol’ classic.










Novel posters featured, clockwise from top right: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Ragtime, and The Great Gatsby.

Books: Recently Released

If I can’t brag about my friend’s amazing accomplishments here, where can I do it?

I know these books* have little, well, actually nothing, to do with design but they’re written by friends of mine and they have all worked so hard to get them published. I just had to share them with White Cabana readers.

Jeff Gadsden is my amazingly talented brother-in-law who recently published these flash cards to help anesthesiologists study for their exams. This is hot off the press – the book “dropped” just last week! Hooray!

Anesthesiology Oral Board Flash Cards by Jeff Gadsden & Dean Jones

My friend Tonya Davidson’s book, exploring sociological issues, officially launched last week but I had a sneak peek a couple of months ago. So exciting!

Ecologies of Affect by Tonya Davidson, Ondine Park & Rob Shields (Editors)

My friend Adrienne Sauder’s Master’s work about adult giftedness was published earlier this year.

Gifted Adults’ Perception of Giftedness by Adrienne Sauder

Rena Upitis, my friend and mentor, wrote this amazing book about school architecture and the influence it has on learning and teaching. Check out what else she’s up to at Wintergreen Studios.

Raising a School: Foundations for School Architecture by Rena Upitis

I am so inspired, impressed and proud of the accomplishments of all of my friends. I’m lucky to be surrounded by intelligent people who are passionate about what they do. Congratulations to all!

*Books presented in order of publication (newest to oldest).

Images via Amazon.

Reading: Guide for the Unlucky

I adore Kyle Bean’s spooky black and white pop-up book, titled Guide for the Unlucky. Have a look at the video. It’s amazing!

Some Halloween reading



Happy Halloween!

Via Hip Hip Gin Gin.

Image courtesy of Kyle Bean & Co. Video via Youtube.