Celebration: A Poem

If you’ve been following regularly then you know that I love singing the praises of my extra talented group of friends. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by generous, honest, intelligent and kind-hearted people. Yes, indeed! Last month for my birthday my friend Suparna wrote me a sweet little poem. I asked her permission to share it here.

Through meadows green, on stones so clean

Skips the birthday girl

A calm day down Forest Way

She pauses at the door with a curl.

Why so quiet? One cannot deny it

The elf that lives within

Generally sings with tones that ring

Clattering pots and cups of tin.

She says, “Hello?” and feels she must go

But stops when she senses the smell

Of freshly baked cake and all that would make

A girl enter without ringing the bell.

It was dark inside, enough to hide

A GREAT BIG elvin party

Who flipped on the lights and screamed with DELIGHT,


While my birthday has passed, I just love re-reading this made-for-me poem. Thanks Suparna!

p.s. Not only can Suparna write and rhyme, but she also coaches a Quidditch team for her students in Singapore. She has yet to tell me exactly how she goes about this!

Books: Recently Released

If I can’t brag about my friend’s amazing accomplishments here, where can I do it?

I know these books* have little, well, actually nothing, to do with design but they’re written by friends of mine and they have all worked so hard to get them published. I just had to share them with White Cabana readers.

Jeff Gadsden is my amazingly talented brother-in-law who recently published these flash cards to help anesthesiologists study for their exams. This is hot off the press – the book “dropped” just last week! Hooray!

Anesthesiology Oral Board Flash Cards by Jeff Gadsden & Dean Jones

My friend Tonya Davidson’s book, exploring sociological issues, officially launched last week but I had a sneak peek a couple of months ago. So exciting!

Ecologies of Affect by Tonya Davidson, Ondine Park & Rob Shields (Editors)

My friend Adrienne Sauder’s Master’s work about adult giftedness was published earlier this year.

Gifted Adults’ Perception of Giftedness by Adrienne Sauder

Rena Upitis, my friend and mentor, wrote this amazing book about school architecture and the influence it has on learning and teaching. Check out what else she’s up to at Wintergreen Studios.

Raising a School: Foundations for School Architecture by Rena Upitis

I am so inspired, impressed and proud of the accomplishments of all of my friends. I’m lucky to be surrounded by intelligent people who are passionate about what they do. Congratulations to all!

*Books presented in order of publication (newest to oldest).

Images via Amazon.