Marketplace: Andy Warhol's Coloring Book

It is not often that one can find a child’s gift that is cool enough for an adult to keep. However, A Colouring Book: Drawings by Andy Warhol is a prime exception.

As the title implies, the 24-page book contains Warhol’s whimsical drawings (sans colour) from the late 1950s.

Originally created in 1961 for on of Warhol’s clients (at the time Warhol was working as a commercial illustrator) the book was re-released in 1990…only to go out of print shortly after. Well, as Warhol mania continues in the art market, the colouring book has been made available again.

$17, Amazon

A charming stocking stuffer for the little creative types in your life…or a cheap & chic idea for any Warhol aficionados.

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ModCloth's Colouring Book

Are we ever too old for colouring books? I think not. This one from ModCloth would occupy me for hours. Or, if I felt too lazy, I would just frame the prints just as they are. How cute would the giraffe look in a kid’s room?

Between the Lines, $19.99, ModCloth

Ready for colour, $19.99, ModCloth

Starting with some black & white, $19.99, ModCloth

 Photos courtesy of ModCloth.