Travel: Mexico City

by Troy

I came to Mexico City for Zona Maco – the largest art fair in Latin America. The artwork was incredible.

White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-4 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-10 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-11 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-14

Troy at Zona Maco, Mexico City

While I had a lot of professional responsibilities and I didn’t get to visit the numerous museums I did get to do a bit of exploring in the neighborhoods of Condesa, Roma Norte and Polanco.

Mexico City reminded me a bit of Brussels – lots of different styles of architecture from many different decades – from 19th century to 70’s brutalist to hyper-contemporary. Unlike Brussels, Mexico City is enormous.

I hope you enjoy some of my snapshots…for “Cabaña Blanca”.

White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-16 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-15 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-13 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-12 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-8 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-7 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-6 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-5 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-3 White-Cabana-Mexico-City-Troy-2

 finding white in Mexico City

Photos by Troy.



  1. Jordana April 18, 2013

    Troy – thank you so much for bringing us along to Mexico City! Your photos are inspiring. I love the different fonts that you found on buildings and posters and I can I also say how impressed I am that you found so much white!
    I also like how you captured the Marilyn Monroe photo. I saw it at Art Toronto and also posted about it: It seems we are drawn to similar pieces of art!

  2. Silvia Del Rosso April 18, 2013

    I thoroughly enjoyed the art and the sights of Mexico city as well as Troy’s white suit!

    • Jordana April 18, 2013

      Glad you liked the post and photos. I forgot to comment on Troy’s suit too. He looks amazing and is the perfect spokesperson for White Cabana!


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