Design: Parisian Apartments

I’ve been having so much fun searching for possible places to stay in Paris this February. AirBNB – as you may have already heard – has some pretty spectacular options. If money was no object, I would likely book one of these gorgeous homes.

1. Rue de la Roquette

rue-de-la-roquette-3 rue-de-la-roquette-2 paris-apartment-airbnb-1 rue-de-la-roquette-4

2. Rue Margueritte


3. Rue Asseline

Rue Asseline-1 Rue-Asseline-2 Rue-Asseline-7 Rue-Asseline-6 Rue-Asseline-5 Rue-Asseline-4 Rue-Asseline-3

4. Rue de Marignan

Marignan-2 Marignan-1 Marignan-3 Marignan-4

5. Rue d’Alésia

Alesia-6 Alesia-5 Alesia-4 Alesia-3 Alesia-2 Alesia-1

All images via AirBNB.


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  1. Diana January 13, 2014

    They’re all so lovely! I think my favourite is Rue d’Alésia; that garden looks so enchanting. We rented a villa on the coast of southern Spain last summer and it was amazing how many properties there were to choose from! Isn’t the excitement of planning a holiday the best!!! Enjoy!


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