The Friday Five: 5 Ways to Brew Coffee

How do you make your coffee? Are you loyal to one method? My coffee of choice these days is a classic latte made with my Bialetti – a stovetop espresso machine – you know, the one that just about every Italian person owns? I have multiple sizes of Bialetti machines, and I pull the appropriate

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In the Kitchen: Coffee Maker Review

A little while ago, I shared that I was in the market for a new coffee maker. I was fortunate to work with the fine folks at Bed Bath & Beyond to get the best-for-my-needs coffee machine. Here’s what happened since I shared my coffee maker options with you… After reading about the machines online,

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The Friday Five: Coffee Table Styling

Online vintage furniture retailer Charish recently asked me my opinion about the following questions: 1. What essentials does everyone need for their coffee table? 2. How do you properly layer the items? I think I might be out of the ordinary on this one, because my coffee table is quite empty and unstyled. I have

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