The Friday Five: 5 Ways to Brew Coffee

How do you make your coffee? Are you loyal to one method? My coffee of choice these days is a classic latte made with my Bialetti – a stovetop espresso machine – you know, the one that just about every Italian person owns? I have multiple sizes of Bialetti machines, and I pull the appropriate one out depending on how many cups of coffee I need to make for me and my guests. I also put my Alessi espresso machine to use every once in a while, too, because it’s so beautiful.

I go in stages with my coffee, however. For a long while, I was purely a drip coffee drinker. My Cuisinart coffee maker is still serving me quite well.

In addition to my two go-to coffee options, I’m sharing a total of five ways to make coffee today. Feel free to let me know how you make your coffee in the comments below! I’d love to chat coffee with you!

1. Stovetop Espresso

Bialetti espresso maker, $43.99 CAD, Hudson’s Bay

2. Drip

Cuisinart coffee maker, $69.99 USD, Bed Bath & Beyond

3. French Press

Bodum Caffettiera, $15 CAD, Chapters Indigo

4. Pour Over

brass pour over coffee maker, $27.99 USD (on sale), World Market

5. Siphon

Grosche Heisenberg Siphon coffee maker, $71.99 CAD (on sale), Hudson’s Bay


  1. Jen-Amy August 17, 2018

    Do you grind your own beans? My go to in the am is my Nespresso machine. Nothing beats an Americano to start the day!

    I’m also a big fan of Balzac’s, both for their espresso and the decor!

    • Jordana August 17, 2018

      I don’t grind my own beans. I guess that’s the next step I should try in my coffee making process. If the Friday Five was actually the Friday Ten, I could have added more coffee making methods…including the Nespresso!
      Glad you like Balzac’s…me, too! The one in Kitchener just got a total makeover. It’s turned art deco/luxe!


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