Technology: My New iPhone

Well – I had a very exciting weekend! Let me introduce you to my new toy…

I really don’t know what has taken me so long to get on the iPhone bandwagon. I have been a fan of Apple for quite some time and my MacBook, Apple TV, and iPod have served me well over the last several years. So you can understand how happy I am now that I have added a white iPhone to my collection.

So – I’m curious to know what apps other iPhone users are using. Right now I’m not so much interested in games and such as I am in useful apps. So far I’ve been putting Instagram (follow me at WhiteCabana), Remote, and Viber to good use. What else should I be using?

Photos by Jordana.

Google White

The Google background image in plain white is my new default setting.

Apparently there was quite the panic online last week as the world logged into their computers, booted up their web browsers and –gasp!– Google had changed its background image to a garish nature scene.

It didn’t take us very long to find the ‘Remove background image” link and change the background to this simple white option (pictured above), located very last in the Editor’s Picks.

Why stick with Google’s trademark colours when you can enjoy the classic simplicity of those rounded letters, lightly shadowed and wonderfully spartan in white?