Pop Up! The Waterlogue App

Have you heard about the Waterlogue app? It turns any photograph into a watercolour-like image. I first learned about Waterlogue from one of my mom’s favourite blogs, The Enchanted Home. Before I spent the $2.99 on the app, I sent it to Corie and she downloaded it and tested it out for the both of us. Today she’s sharing some of the photos she took and Waterlogued this past weekend.


Here’s the Plaza hotel.

Painted in Waterlogue

The dresses are from Anthropologie’s new bridal collection.

Painted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in Waterlogue

Here’s Giselle – the boys put a pink duckie in her crib – they’re so excited to have a baby sister in the house!

Painted in Waterlogue

And here’s YOUR living room.

Painted in Waterlogue


Are you sold? I am!

Photos & Waterlogue transformations by Corie.

*Corie stops by the blog every so often in her Pop Up! series. She hasn’t been on the blog for a while, but we forgive her because she’s been busy with her four sweet kids. The littlest arrived this summer! Corie, thanks for testing the Waterlogue app and sending these images my way! I always love seeing photos from NYC!

Pop Up! Europe & My Monkey

by Corie

I’m popping in to share a couple of photos from our European vacation last month.


racks of white clothes in Provence


Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, and my husband in Monaco

And just for fun – here’s my little monkey. He is so sweet but why why why does he have to climb absolutely everything? Jordana says we should put him into rockclimbing. How young is too young?


Pop Up! Display

Corie sent me these photos of a window display in NYC. How perfectly suited this display is for her Pop Up! series!

Now – any ideas of how I can actually get my hands on those awesome letters? They’d look perfect in the White Cabana studio – aka my apartment.

photos by Corie

Welcome Corie and the Pop Up! Series

I am so utterly excited to welcome White Cabana’s newest contributor – welcome Corie!

As some of you may know, Corie is my older (sorry, I had to get that in there) sister and we lead quite different lives. While I’m working away on my PhD and loving life as a singleton in small-town London, Ontario, Corie is married to Jeff, is a stay-at-home mom to three boys (under the age of 4!), and lives in Manhattan. As you can imagine, Corie will bring a much different perspective to White Cabana and I’m thrilled that she has joined our team!

Corie will bring a new series to White Cabana called Pop Up! As you can probably imagine, life with three youngens is full of non-stop action. The Pop Up! series will allow Corie to drop in to the blog from time-to-time to share her experiences as a mom, a Manhattanite, and a traveller with our readers. She is just as crazy about white design as the rest of us so this couldn’t be a better fit.

So please join me in welcoming Corie to White Cabana (clap, clap).