The Friday Five: My Mom’s Favourite Websites

Today I thought I’d highlight some of my mom’s regular go-to websites. After she stops in at White Cabana (her first stop online, obviously), she clicks onto these sites (yes, usually in this order) to see what’s going on around the world…

1. 8foot6. This is a daily read for my mom, my sister, and me. The three of us lead very different lives but Shannon at 8foot6 appeals to us all. My mom, sister and I often touch base and discuss Shannon’s daily updates (Shannon – if you’re reading this – we seriously do talk about all the goodness that you’ve got going on in your home!). We love Shannon’s home, her photos, and her growing Pyrex collection. We are also impressed with how much she manages to do with two toddlers in Toronto.

8foot6-Pyrex Collection

via 8foot6

2. The Enchanted Home. My mom loves following this blog and often gives me the update about what changes Tina (the author) has made to her incredible home or what new orchids or plants she has placed in her massive collection of blue and white ceramics. Tina’s home is not just gorgeous – it’s pretty spectacular. She has amazing taste in fabrics and decor and watching her build her house from start to finish was a real treat for us readers.


 via The Enchanted Home

3. My French Country Home. My mom’s third (well, fourth if we count White Cabana) stop around the internet is My French Country Home. My mom keeps me informed about Sharon’s horses and her tours of the brocantes (flea markets) in France. Like Tina, her property in Normandy is pretty incredible.

French-iron-chair-My French Country Home

via My French Country Home

4. After White Cabana, 8foot6, My Enchanted Home and My French Country Home, my mom usually clicks on the blogroll (aka the list at the side of the blog) at My Enchanted Home to see what else might be interesting on a particular day. Often she clicks onto French Essence.

flea market-Paris-French Essence-blog

via French Essence

5. Kijiji and Craigslist. My mom loves Kijiji and Craigslist. She has dragged me to who knows where to buy who knows what random one of a kind item for her home. She entertains me with her incredible searching skills. Honestly. My mom can find anything you need at an incredible price. It’s a talent like I’ve never seen before. Her determination and persistance in finding beautiful high quality items at incredible prices is really to be admired.


via Craigslist

Happy weekend! Wishing everyone a wonderful mother’s day. (Is there such thing as aunt’s day?)

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