Holiday: Minted Cards

I cannot believe it’s October and I opted to write a holiday¬†post. What has come over me? I’ll tell you what – Minted has come through once again this year with a beautiful selection of amusing, traditional, and whimsical holiday cards.


grand new year



vintage library card


modern confetti


poinsettia pattern


someone dear


sign of peace


elegant wreath


sparkle and shine

My order arrived last week and¬†I am thrilled (once again) with the design and paper quality of these cards. The cards are also very customizable – flat, folded, booklet, photos, curved edges, gold foil, etc.¬†There’s no reason¬†not to order holiday cards¬†now.

Marketplace: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Does this mean that you’ll be spoiling your dad with a crafty¬†tie greeting card or¬†golf accessories? I’ve given my dad a variety of gifts over the years, some of which I rounded up in this post (just in case you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea). I’ve been a student forever, so naturally my¬†Dad has a collection of university t-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs from a variety of Ontario universities. It’s¬†been a really convenient gift to buy since I¬†could shop in between classes. Luckily, dad loves them (or pretends to) and wears them all the time.

university-t-shirtsLaurier¬†Western Queen’s

My dad seems to like anything that has the¬†letter “B”¬†on it (to match his first name, of course).¬†Because of this,¬†I’ve given him loads of “B” presents like the ones below (though not necessarily in white – my dad likes colour).


B mug

wine stopper C Wonder

wine stopper


B hat

Another go-to gift idea for the B-man is wine. Red. Any brand, price point, and country of origin will do.


13th Street Red Palette Alfredo Roca Chateau Bel Air Albert Bichot Alion Les Terrasses

A final successful go-to gift for my dad has been anything and everything related to the BBQ.


BBQ grilling tray


BBQ tool set

I know my dad is reading this post, so I can’t reveal what he’s going to get this year. Hint – it’s something from the list above! Why ruin a good thing, right?

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day to those who celebrate!

Celebration: Spreading the Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have any plans? Have you created a Valentine’s Day wish list? I think the traditional gifts of chocolates ¬†and flowers are just perfect. Beyond these things, gifts from the heart (or with hearts!) are irresistible now or at any time of the year, so you can scoop up goodies like the ones below and gift them to your loved ones (or yourself) throughout the year.


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: mug $9.05, print $14, earrings $40, pillowcases $29.99, bowl $98, pillow $20, print $17.68, sunglasses $155, print $17.68

Holiday: O Tannenbaum

I’ve prepared my 2nd Christmas carol remix for you this Monday morning…ready?


O Tannenbaum


O Tannenbaum


How lovely are your branches!


In beauty green white will always grow


Through summer sun and winter snow.


O Tannenbaum


O Tannenbaum


How lovely are your branches!

And if you’re still shopping for Christmas gifts, head on over to Design Maze where I’ve posted a black & white gift guide.

The Friday Five: Nutcrackers

I haven’t posted anything about nutcrackers since 2010 even though these men are some of my favourite Christmas decorations. ¬†They can be placed on the mantle in a group, hung on the Christmas tree, or serve as colouring entertainment for the little ones in your family. They’re multi-purpose and they look great too.


nutcracker, $6.59, Crate & Barrel


wood nutcracker, Lowe’s


nutcracker with glitter, $15, Amazon


nutcracker, $38.24, Linens n Things


nutcracker colouring page

Thanks for tuning in for another week of white goodness. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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