Fashion: Black and White Workwear

It’s back to work week! Oh my goodness – I can barely believe it. I haven’t been on in a classroom in two years. And I haven’t worn real workwear in just about that length of time, too. While at the beginning of the pandemic, I was mostly wearing jeans, pants, and a nice sweater, in recent times, I’ve succumbed to leggings and joggers paid with a nice top. It’s been awful. I have felt lazy and not put together. I wear makeup, perfume, and jewelry every day, but don’t remember the last time I blow dried my hair!

And now, I’m going to slowly get back into wearing workwear. I’m excited, but I also feel like I’ve lost my style over the last two years, so I’m not really sure what I’ll be putting together for my daily #WhiteCabanaStyle. I’ve cleaned out my closet several times over the last little while, but I haven’t really replaced too many pieces. Here are some outfits that are providing me with inspiration because (a) they’re effortless and (b) I already own many of the items.

Of course there’s a lot of black and white in my style inspiration files. Black pants (or jeans) pair easily with a white shirt, cream sweater, or black cardigan. Cream/beige pants pair well with a sweater of a similar tone or a white shirt. A LBC (Little Black Dress) goes a long way and is comfortable for all-day wear. A pattern coat or dress breaks up the solid black and white. I think items like the ones will be in heavy rotation for me from now until spring.

What about you? Are you back at work? Has the dress code changed since 2019?

Fashion: Is This The Future?

I saw this outfit on the Banana Republic site, and it made me wonder if this is going to be the future of fashion. Is work wear going to look like this mix?

Sweater hoodie plus sweater jogger plus slightly structured trench and statement flats…what do we think? It looks formal with the trench and shoes, but it’s informal because of the sweats. Do you think we’ll see more of this in the workplace?

I’m still working from home, so my daily wardrobe this fall has been a regular rotation of jeans and a black top. So boring! I don’t see myself wearing jeans and a tee in my post-pandemic work life, and I certainly don’t see myself embracing the sweater hoodie/jogger combo. But will I go back to suits and dresses? I think I’m in wardrobe limbo!

Fashion: A Round-Up of My Current Fashion Faves

A few weeks ago, I bought a great outfit at Banana Republic, and it was so nice to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. I don’t go clothes shopping as often as I used to, I have to admit. This is partly because I don’t have time and partly because I don’t need or want anything specific (gosh, I sound so practical and boring, don’t I?).

Even still, I love to browse online and in stores (when I can) to see the new colours and collections each season. Here are some of the items that have recently caught my attention.


one shouldered top, $180, Theory


white jean shorts, $44.95, L.L.Bean


short sleeve embellished tee, $88, Banana Republic (I bought this and love it!)


Bev cut-out heel, $128, Banana Republic


Loeffler Randall sandal, $220, Club Monaco


dress, $69.90, Zara


ISSA cross body purse, $318, Opelle (and this, too!)

They’re such pretty pieces, aren’t they?

The Friday Five: 5 Ways to Style Black Jeans

I wear a lot of black. As in, I wear black just about every single day. And on the days that I don’t wear black, I wear white. Black and white. White and black. This is my basic uniform. While some of you colour-loving readers might think I live a boring fashion life, I would completely disagree. I jazz things up with textures, layers, and accessories.

You know I’ve been working with L.L.Bean this year, and I was thrilled to try out their signature skinny jeans. After I received them, I wore them for three days straight, which basically sums up how I feel about them. I love them. They sit a little higher on the waist, they have plenty of stretch (but do not stretch out), they have a slim leg, and the back pockets are perfectly placed. They have washed well so far (I hang them to dry), and they keep their shape. Needless to say, I have no complaints at all. If you’re in between sizes according to the L.L.Bean sizing chart, I would go for the larger size as these are a skinny fit, and you don’t want them to be totally uncomfortably tight.


I’m wearing*: L.L.Bean signature skinny jeans c/o, ruffle trim sweater, boots (similar)

Considering how often I wear black jeans (and I imagine you might, too), I thought I’d share five ways to style a sharp pair of black jeans.

First: The Classics: black jeans paired with a classic white shirt


white shirt, belt, shoes, crossbody bag, necklace, earrings

Second: Casual Confidence: black jeans paired with classic Converse and a hoodie


Converse, hoodie, tote, tank top, watch, earrings, sunglasses, wallet

Third: Feminine Perfection: black jeans paired with lace and sparkle


top, shoes, clutch, cuff, earrings

Four: Getting Down to Business: black jeans paired with turtleneck, blazer, and Chelsea booties


purse, booties, turtleneck, blazer, earrings, scarf, bracelet

Five: Rock and Roll: black jeans paired with stripes and leather


shoes, leather jacket, ruffle back tee, clutch, earrings, bangle

What are your favourite pairings for your black jeans?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

*I took my coat off for 1 minute for this jump (brrr!). Thanks for the snapping the jumping photo, SY!
Thanks again, L.L.Bean, for sending over the signature skinny jeans. Read my previous L.L.Bean posts.
All opinions are my own.