Happy Birthday Duke!

It’s my oldest nephew’s birthday day. He’s three and he loves (loves, loves, loves) trains…especially Percy…

Percy is the Number 6 green engine. He’s one of Thomas’ friends.

Happy Birthday Duke!

p.s. I don’t have kids but it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Thomas and Friends over the past year from my now three year old nephew!

Stationery: Smiggle

When I was little, I was hooked on Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars. Then it changed to the colourful Lisa Frank line. What are kids’ top choices for stationery these days?

Well – according to my friend Suparna Grade 6 children in Singapore are smitten with the Smiggle collection of binders, notebooks, pens, and organizational products.

While many of the products from Smiggle, an Australian stationery company founded in 2003, come in blue, purple, pink, green, and black, I did find that there are a lot of white and silver versions too. Perfect for a child who has more of a minimalist tendency.

Clockwise: round tin stack, $8.95; DVD box, $7.95; water bottle, $12.95; USB bracelet, $9.95; zip it up lanyard, $2.95

Clockwise: notebook, $9.95; ruler, $2.95; notecard $3.95; stripe pencil, $0.95; glitter notebook, $14.95; maze pen, $1.95

flying pig money bank, $19.95; small trash bin $9.95

Images courtesy of Smiggle. All prices in Australian dollars (AUD).

Many thanks to Suparna for inspiring this post.

Toys: Snake and a Plane

I was in NYC for part of the Christmas holiday where I spent time with my sister, brother-in-law and my two nephews. When my nephews were sleeping, guess who played with their toys? Yup – my brother-in-law. He created this entertaining composition:

snake on a plane, by Jeff

p.s. My nephews (about 2.5 years and 1.5 years old) both love these two toys. The snake is rubbery and stretchy which is fun. The boys love playing with the plane but some of the parts (e.g., wheels) kept falling off so my brother-in-law ended up gluing them into place.

Photos by Jordana.