Art: Cartier Activity Book

Did you know that Cartier has an activity book for children? Have a peek…

What do you think? How young is too young to teach children about the world of Cartier?

Photos by Jordana.


  1. Johanne January 20, 2012

    Um yes please! One for me, one for my niece (budding fashionista at age 1) and one for my nephew (rounding out his trucks and toy airplane collection).

    Love it!

    • Jordana January 23, 2012

      It’s actually a decent educational activity book. The first few pages are stories about animals. And then the more advanced work is about time telling and word scrambles. Oh – and the Cartier saleswoman also gave each of my nephews a set of crayons but they didn’t have the Cartier logo on them. Just in case you wanted to know.

  2. Johanne January 26, 2012

    I would want the Cartier crayons. Obviously! Too bad. I once picked up Coach pencils ;).


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