Photography: Black & White Continued

After I featured these black and white photographs, my friend Kathlyn sent me over these photos of one of the bathrooms in her new home.

ferris-wheel-photography-Paris-2 ferris-wheel-photography-Paris-1Gorgeous, right? The wallpaper is so dramatic, and I love the black-framed mirror. What’s even more special about this space (for me, anyway) is that the black and white photos of the ferris wheel are mine. I took them years ago in Paris and Kathlyn blew them up and framed them. I had completely forgotten about the photographs, so to see them now in a new space is awesome.


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  1. Jen @ RamblingRenovators December 19, 2014

    Beautiful! How sweet of your friend to use the photos. They look great against the wallpaper. I like the simple black frame of the mirror too.

    Happy holidays to you Jordana!


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