Uptown: The Countertop Decision

I still haven’t quite decided about the kitchen countertop. Annoying. I think I’m close though. Here are the issues.

1. I thought that I was going to just go for quartz but then I started hearing things about marks, chips, and stains.

2. So then I went back to thinking of laminate as I thought it could be a great affordable temporary option. But then, by the time you pay for installation, sink, etc., it’s not really cheap-cheap. It’s just the cheapest option but not actually really dirt cheap, you know?



3. So then I went back to thinking that if I was going to spend money on the countertop, I might as well go for Carrara marble as I know what my sister/brother-in-law and my parents paid for theirs (both have larger kitchens than mine) and, in fact, the price seemed to be comparable to quartz. But when I got the quote from my Kitchener-Waterloo kitchen people, it was way higher than quartz…aka…not really in my budget.


Carrara marble

4. So here we are now, I’m rethinking quartz. Friends on Twitter were kind enough to pass along some positive views of quartz to help me out. Maybe quartz really is the wisest move for the moment. I’d go for the plainest of the plain – no sparkles, flecks, or any of that jazz. I’ve picked one out but I can’t remember its manufacturer. I should know this, right? If I go for quartz and my espresso maker leaves a mark on it, I’m going to be very annoyed. Just sayin’.




  1. Danica November 18, 2013

    Do you plan on having this installed soon??? We will be buying our counter top early next and I would love to hear your feedback on the light coloured quartz. I have been dead set on a grey kitchen with a white counter top made out of quartz. Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out!!

    • Jordana November 18, 2013

      Hi Danica,
      I do want my countertops to be installed soon…but before you order your counter next week? Um, yeah, nope. Not that fast! A grey kitchen with white counter sounds good to me. Go for it. How can you go wrong with white? 🙂

      • Danica November 19, 2013

        Hahah i meant to say early next year! sorry.

        • Jordana November 19, 2013

          OH! Ha ha ha. I should have an update for you by then.

  2. Lindsay November 21, 2013

    We have quartz and LOVE it. So highly, highly recommend.


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