Marketplace: Shopping Carts

On the days when I have loaded up my arms with my purse, work tote, and plenty of grocery bags and I am fumbling for my keys, I see other people in my building push along a shopping cart with ease and I wonder why the heck I don’t own one too.


Narita jumbo shopping cart, $42.09, Target

polder-folding-shopping-cartPolder folding shopping cart, $63.55, Crate & Barrel


2-tier all purpose shopping cart, $51.49, Home Depot


jumbo white shopping cart, $59.46, Overstock

On the one hand I think, yes, it would be very useful to load up a cart and then just push it along into the elevator and then into my apartment. On the other hand, I think, really, do I need one more thing to take up space in my apartment?

What’s your vote? Do you think a shopping cart is a wise purchase?

p.s. I also really like this red shopping cart.

Marketplace: Beverage Dispensers for Summer Entertaining

It seems to me that a good-looking beverage container is one of the most coveted items for summer entertaining. Here are two that I saw at Sablétine last week in Waterloo, Ontario.

beverage dispenser at Sablétine, photo by Jordana

beverage dispenser at Sablétine, photo by Jordana

Is a beverage dispenser like one of these on your summer shopping list? What would you fill it with?

metal beverage dispenser, $19.99, Target

vintage glass beverage dispenser, $24.99, Target

glass beverage dispenser, $20.79, Target

ceramic enamelware beverage dispenser, $197, Williams-Sonoma

water bottle beverage dispenser, $136, Williams-Sonoma

beverage dispenser, $121, Williams-Sonoma

beverage dispenser, $64, West Elm

20 Below: Chef's Hat

A chef’s hat? Is it worth the $7 or not?

chef’s hat, $6.99, Target

It’s not like it’s ever been out of style! The chef’s hat, or toque, is a classic shape that has worked since the 16th century. Did you know that the height of the hat can sometimes indicate the rank of the chef within the kitchen? And did you also know that the 100 folds that are supposed to be in the hat are said to represent the numerous ways that a chef knows how to cook an egg?

Read more about the chef’s hat here.