Marketplace: Shopping Carts

On the days when I have loaded up my arms with my purse, work tote, and plenty of grocery bags and I am fumbling for my keys, I see other people in my building push along a shopping cart with ease and I wonder why the heck I don’t own one too.


Narita jumbo shopping cart, $42.09, Target

polder-folding-shopping-cartPolder folding shopping cart, $63.55, Crate & Barrel


2-tier all purpose shopping cart, $51.49, Home Depot


jumbo white shopping cart, $59.46, Overstock

On the one hand I think, yes, it would be very useful to load up a cart and then just push it along into the elevator and then into my apartment. On the other hand, I think, really, do I need one more thing to take up space in my apartment?

What’s your vote? Do you think a shopping cart is a wise purchase?

p.s. I also really like this red shopping cart.


  1. EyeCandyPopper May 16, 2013

    How cute and European! They fold, so it shouldn’t take too much space, but that’s a tough decision… or there’s always a weekly organic produce delivery, that way someone else does the heavy lifting! haha 🙂

    • Jordana May 16, 2013

      I am trying to declutter (again) but yes, the fold factor is a good selling point. I also wonder why the heck I have so many things to carry in the first place! I have contemplated the produce delivery option but not sure it’s the right move for me. Is that what you do?

      • EyeCandyPopper May 16, 2013

        Yes! have been for about 11-12 years! can’t imagine my life without it and the organic produce are so fresh and delicious. Give it a try 😉

        • Jordana May 16, 2013

          Oh my goodness – I’m SO impressed! I’ll look into it again. Thanks!


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