Scherenschnitte: Scissor Cuts

I received such a nice card in the mail a little while ago (thanks Shannon). Isn’t it pretty? I love how the orange pops through the background.

I also recently received this paper cut wedding invite (thanks Celina & Wojciech).

These cards reminds me of a some paper cutting artwork that my friend Shannon and I attempted a couple of years ago. We made these pieces (not our original designs) after many hours of drawing and cutting.

Scherenschnitte by Shannon & Jordana; photos by Jordana

Shannon and I always use the word Scherenschnitte, which means scissor cuts in German, to refer to the art of paper cutting because it was while living in Switzerland that we first learned about and attempted it ourselves. Although neither one of us have done any more Scherenschnitte, we do have a great appreciation for those that do as we learned that this art form takes precision, creativity, and a lot of patience.

20 Below: Artistry Cards

If you were lucky enough to attend the National Stationery Show in New York City last week then you may have come across Artistry Cards, a Canadian stationery company dedicated to producing eco-friendly notecards and journals. Pillows, pencils, and calendars complete the Artistry Cards product line.

Toronto-based Artistry Cards is special in that it prints all of its cards and notebooks on 100% recycled stock. Everything is packaged in clear, biodegradable sleeves. Not only that, because it prints to order at their card store/print shop, there’s virtually zero paper wastage in the production of its cards.

Artistry Cards’ newest collection is all about Canadiana. Graphic images in this collection include wildlife, woodland creatures as well as canoes, trees, and the very recognizable mountie hat. We’ve got some great things going on over here in “the North”, eh? Oh – and I must also mention that almost everything in the store is less than $20! Hip hip!

calendar, $12 {true colours: shades of red, white, green & brown}

Canadian Creatures cards, $4.50 each {true colours: shades of red, white, brown}

Woodland Creatures cards, $4.50 each

Woodland Creatures card collection, $4.50 each

O Canada cards, $4.50 each {true colours: shades of red, green, brown}

Finally, here’s a treat for you! Artistry Cards is offering White Cabana readers a 10% discount on all their products. Enter ARTIST (all caps) at checkout. Click here to start shopping.

All images courtesy of Artistry Cards. Many thanks to Faith at Artistry Cards for sending along a beautiful sample pack.

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