At Home: Styling my Dresser with Posterjack

How is everyone enjoying Family Day (here in Ontario) and Presidents’ Day (in the USA)? I am completely enjoying having an extra day to do, well, not a whole lot! I still have an annoying cough that is really just slowing me down.¬†It’s very annoying.

A few weeks ago,¬†my Posterjack order arrived, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the French¬†photo¬†and the white lacquer framing. It’s a beautiful piece. I placed it¬†in several¬†spots around my home before settling on my bedroom. I leaned it over my dresser, lived with it like that for a few days, and realized it¬†was an ideal place to put it. I played around with some minimal styling, too.¬†Have a look…

Style 1: set of three hourglass sand timers (the colours match perfectly)



Style 2: vintage and new crystal



Style 3: classic white


Thanks to Tim F. & Posterjack for sending me this beautifully framed Parisian photo.

Travel: New York City

I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend in New York City. My trip was off to a rough start because my 3 hour drive from Waterloo to Toronto (3 hours…instead of 1.5 hours) meant that I missed my Porter flight to Newark. I sucked it up and paid the $150 fee to get on the later flight which was delayed an hour. I was seriously on the verge of tears when I found out about the change fee and the delay and I was so completely frustrated from my 3 hour journey in traffic that I ended up hating my very first experience with Porter. I ended up getting into Manhattan at midnight after an 8 hour journey (8 hours!).

The rest of the weekend made up for my flight. I met my 3-week old niece, played with my three nephews, caught up with my sister and brother-in-law, and went shopping with my mom. I also spotted white all over the city.

image copy 3



Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

image image copy 4

Dean & Deluca

image copy 2 image copy 5

Fishs Eddy

Photos by Jordana.

Event: Blog Break

Dear Readers,

I thought I would find time to blog while in Victoria but it’s proven to be more difficult than I had anticipated! Time for a blog break. Of course I want to leave you with something lovely to look at while we take a moment to pause so here’s a photo from the airplane as we flew to Vancouver. Snow on mountains…white, white, white!


Back to regular posting next week!

Be well.