Hotel to Home: The Okyroe, Mykonos, Greece

I’ve been browsing the Luxury Retreats website ever since I saw that The Bucket List Family stayed at a gorgeous place in Mykonos, Greece (watch their video). I believe they stayed at the Okyroe, the villa I’m featuring in today’s hotel to home:


Okyroe, photo via Luxury Retreats

The Okyroe villa sleeps ten (5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms) and costs $1,307-$3,105 per night. This is not your average hotel. This is a luxury retreat!

I opted to recreate the living room because I really liked the look of the circular mirror above the fireplace. That was my starting off point for today’s recreation.


round mirror set, sofa, armchair, coffee table, floor lamp, ceramic vase, art

The total cost for all of the above items is approximately $1800…likely cheaper than a one night stay in the retreat!







Design: From Home to Fashion

I love design, and I love fashion, so why not bring them together? Today, I took a room and turned it into an outfit by looking at some of the key elements in the space.

This living room has a strong, but light base with white walls, airy shelves, and a grey slouchy couch. A black leather egg chair and a pair of sleek side chairs inject the space with sleekness, and the round side table brings in welcomed warmth.


via Behance

With the room analysis, it was easy enough to transform it into an outfit. I began with a light base of grey and white and brought in softness with the coat. The super sleek cut-out booties are reminiscent of the leather egg chair, and the necklace brings in the airiness of the bookshelf. The leather tote brings in the warmth just as the side table did in the living room.


pants, shirt, coat, boots, bangle, necklace, bag

If you’re ever stuck on what to wear, go ahead and draw inspiration from your own living space (home design magazines work well, too!).