Celebration: Happy birthday, Reef!

My second nephew is 4 years old today! He loves pasta carbonara (without the peas or bacon, which basically means pasta noodles), making everyone laugh, milk, and climbing just about everything. One day I know my sister and brother-in-law might just have to install a climbing wall in their house.


superior rock home climbing wall

Art: White Bouncy Castle

When my friend Anita sent me the link to this art installation my jaw dropped…and then I had the urge to book a flight to Berlin to see it – and jump on it – in person!


The White Bouncy Castle is the work of artist William Forsythe and is open to visitors of Berlin until July 14. Although the exhibit has travelled to a few places since 1997 it has yet to make its way to Canada. I’d say now is a good time!

white-bouncy-castle-art-installation-20130627-121318-486 white-bouncy-castle-art-installation-20130627-121237-085

Mr. Forsythe has quite the bio. Raised in New York, he trained as a ballet dancer in Florida and danced and choreographed all over the world. He has created numerous films and installations, has lectured at universities and cultural institutions around the world and is also the creator of The Forsythe Company. Oh Рand he also holds an honorary doctorate from The Julliard School in NYC. Simply impressive!

Images via Yahoo News.

What Type Are You?

This is not your typical “type” quiz. It doesn’t ask you about how you like to spend your weekend, your ideal vacation spot, the books you read or your favourite meal. This quiz is all about typography. What font best describes you? Click here, then type in your name, press enter and enjoy the experience!

What Type Are You?

 What type am I? Pistilli Roman. I am emotional, assertive, traditional and disciplined. 

What type are you?

Photo courtesy of What Type Are You?