Interiors: What Do You Love about your Bedroom?

My bedroom is white, casual, comfortable, and full of things that I love. My collections include silver trays and platters, white ceramic bowls, and some crystal, too. I like to keep my bedroom clear of clutter (as much as possible), and full of little luxurious.

White-Cabana-bedroom-8A new bed is certainly on my wish list, but my existing bed is completely decent. My duvet might be the best part of my room. It’s thick, warm, and cozy. And, yes, these pink pillows have found their way into my home. For now.


I recently read this article in Rue, which led me to the Parachute bedding sets.

Parachute-DuvetParachute duvet

The Venice sheet set-parachute

Parachute sheet set

cashmere throw-parachute

Parachute cashmere throw

Isn’t the cashmere throw gorgeous? I would totally put that to good use! I’d probably end up wearing it as a scarf/cape/shawl/wrap in winter months.


20 Below: Pillows

What kind of pillows do sleep on? How much do you spend on pillows? I’m asking because it seems that I buy a new set of pillows every other month. I don’t have problems sleeping yet I haven’t really found a pillow that I find truly comfortable. I usually buy my pillows at Home Sense (I seem to be drawn to Ralph Lauren or Laura Ashley pillows) but is this really the go-to pillow place for people? IKEA carries a variety of pillows at different price points (and several below the $20 mark). Perhaps I should give one of them a try. What do you recommend?

Gosa Pinje pillow, $17.99, IKEA