The Friday Five: Art at Citizen Atelier

I have featured Canadian-curator Alessandra Salituri’s Citizen Atelier several times here because Alessandra carries such an interesting collection of art in her online shop. It’s also been interesting to see how Citizen Atelier has grown over the years. The current shop has its pieces organized by limited editions, originals, and prints, and I’m using this same categorization to share my top five picks from the current collection (all prices are in CAD).

Limited Editions


Hippodance by Darius Klimczak, $395+


Silk by Ashley Woodson Bailey, $140+



Moontower by Jenny Andrews Anderson, $625



Ballerina I by Vanessa Paxton, $120 (I featured this one before, and I still love it.)


HE lion by Francesco Formisano, $60+

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers!


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  1. Alina Watson April 16, 2016

    Wow… what a beautiful art. I can not never think about this type of art. It’s really amazing.


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