Design: Mirrors in the Princess Margaret Home Lottery Showhome

What did you think of yesterday’s tour of the Princess Margaret Home Lottery Vaughan showhome? One thing I didn’t mention was that the house was full of mirrors! Just full of ’em. They were practically calling my name and screaming “selfie, selfie”. Ha ha. I couldn’t resist taking a few…


white, black, and gold in the dining room


unframed mirror in an ensuite bath


framed mirror back in the kitchen’s desk area


floating, back-to-back mirrors in the master bath


roman numeral framed mirror in the stairwell


sleek rectangle mirror & small grey tiles in the teen retreat


studs near the laundry room

I’m so bad at taking iPhone selfies (I seem to always need both hands), but I love that, with these photos, I can highlight the mirrors and show off tiles and other design details through the reflections.


  1. Jen @ RamblingRenovators March 13, 2014

    Ohmigosh, that’s a lot of mirrors! I’m horrible at taking selfies too. Love the black and white striped wallpaper in the first photo. It goes with your outfit 😉

    • Jordana March 14, 2014

      Ah…bonded through our lack of selfie knowledge. Love it. There were so many mirrors! I wonder if anyone else noticed? The black & white stripes were cool. The black was velvety so it felt really neat to touch.

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