Event: Brian Gluckstein & the Princess Margaret Show Home

As if my fondness for Brian Gluckstein could grow? Well, it did. Last week. Let me tell you about it.

I drove to Oakville one evening after work to attend a preview of the Oakville show home for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Welcome Home Sweepstakes. The house – from top to bottom – is pretty darn gorgeous. While it wasn’t all white, there was a lot of white and I was happy to see it. The open concept kitchen, family room, office, and a few bathrooms (I lost count of them, to be honest) were quite white. The other spaces were full of muted blue, grey, violet, and yellow. Each room was quite beautiful. It wasn’t the “don’t touch this because it’s so precious” kind of beautiful but more like the “have a seat, stay a while, get comfy, can I get you a coupe of champagne” beautiful. Ok, that’s kind of fancy too; but it didn’t feel untouchable.


main floor living room


upstairs grand hall




kitchen cabinet detail

The furniture and many of the accessories is all from the Brian Gluckstein collection and the art was sourced from around the world. I didn’t sit on any of the furniture out of fear that I’d mess up a pillow and Brian would have to come and expertly re-chop it (chopping pillows is still in style, in case anyone wanted to know). But if he wasn’t around, I probably would have tested out every seat in the house.


main floor – grand hall


GlucksteinHome details


upstairs bedroom mirror


substantial doors in a bedroom


possibly my favourite piece of art in the house; Key by Tritan Braho


pear art


dining room details; my mom has this same antique tea set

I really eyed the details in all the bathrooms to see what details I could translate into my own home. The tile work and use of mirrors was lovely. And the towels were so new and fluffy.


tile floor in the master bathroom


basement bathroom; photo snapped by April

Ever the academic, I had to check out the office. I loved that it had a great big cork board (old school Pinterest) and a wall-to-wall desk. I’d really put that thing to work.


main floor office

The mouldings, the fireplaces, the tiles, and the lighting were all very impressive.


 lighting around the house


fireplace in the main floor living room

So is there anything I don’t like in the home? Yes – two things. One: The wine cellar was a nice addition but I probably would have cut out the exercise room and made the wine cellar a whole lot bigger. Two: What really annoyed me as I walked through the house were all the TVs. Oh my goodness. There were a gazillion TVs in the house. They drove me crazy! Brian, Brian, Brian – why? How many TVs does one beautiful house need?

Overall, the house is really beautiful and the work that went into building it (in only 5 months) is incredibly impressive. Brian, the architect, the tradespeople, and all the other people who had a hand in this really did a phenomenal job.


Did all bloggers listen to Brian Gluckstein and tweet at the same time? (I spy Jennifer, Leigh-Ann, Brittany, & Tim)

Mr. Brian Gluckstein remained friendly, warm, and funny as he talked about the house and his design career with all the guests. Oh – and I couldn’t leave the home without taking a photo with him. I also took the opportunity to ask him if the bathroom in his own home is still as beautiful as it was when it was photographed for House & Home. The answer? Yes. The books are all real and they’re still there.


Me and Brian; photo snapped by Leigh-Ann

So? Did I convince you to buy your ticket? Good luck!

Many thanks to Brian, Cheryl, and the Princess Margaret Oakville show home team for welcoming us so warmly!

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Photos by Jordana.


  1. Silvia Del Rosso October 1, 2013

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post today, Jordana.
    I saw a previous of the beautiful house in
    one of the breakfast shows a little while ago.
    It is indeed a beautiful house! My family is a
    big supporter of the Princess Margaret Hospital and
    we will be sure to purchase a ticket or two.
    The tours of the home is also an annual event for
    me and my family and over the years we’ve seen many
    beautiful homes. What makes this contest so special
    is because the money raised will go to support one of the
    world class cancer hospital, right here at home.

  2. Danica October 1, 2013

    LOVED the Key picture as well!!

  3. Tim@DesignMaze October 1, 2013

    love your recap! The Show Home is stunning right? This maybe the year I will actually buy a couple of tickets and hope to win this ultimate dream home! I just love Brian’s style and I am so with you on how cozy and inviting the place feels.

    I actually sat on a few chairs and yes. .. the pillow Brian had to re-chopped … I was the guilty one who sat on it! That master bathroom is just so beautiful and so is Brian’s own bathroom.

    Love how friendly and charming Brian is … it is always a treat to see and chat with him.

  4. “‘can I get you a coupe of champagne’ beautiful” is my new standard of beauty. thanks for this post, jordana! it was so lovely to see you and i kind of love that you would lose the workout room in favour of a bigger wine cellar.

  5. Anna December 13, 2013

    I Love Brian Gluckstein, he is the best.

  6. ds February 2, 2014

    Would love to know the names of the wall colours. They are beautiful.

  7. Lesley Jones June 28, 2014

    Who supplied the wall mural in the hallway

  8. CHRIS August 18, 2014

    who supplied the curtains?

  9. Liane September 8, 2015

    LOVE this show home, and I would love to find out where I can buy the artwork of dog jumping off dock which is hanging in the mudroom 🙂


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