The Friday Five: Laurent Scheinfeld Photography

In a week – I’ll be in Paris. Eek! Although I’ve been to Paris about a dozen times or so, I’m always eager and excited to go back! This trip is work-related, so I’ll be spending half of my time with other academics discussing everything that there is to discuss about language and writing. The rest of the time, I’ll be wandering the streets, taking photos, eating as many croissants as possible, sipping on hot chocolate, shopping, and going to Cartier exhibit! I’m going with two amazing colleagues and friends, and we have booked ourselves into one heck of an apartment (here’s hoping it’s as beautiful in real life as it is in the photos).

I recently came across the work of photographer Laurent Scheinfeld when I was browsing the Marché aux Puces website (one of my fave spots in Paris!). His photos series featuring the Eiffel Tower are really quite beautiful.

Laurent-Scheinfeld-boy running-Eiffel-Tower-Paris

boy running in front of Eiffel Tower


woman walking near the Eiffel Tower


woman with her dogs in front of the Eiffel Tower


woman in front of Eiffel Tower


father and daughter playing in front of Eiffel Tower

Besides the Cartier exhibit and a visit to Christofle, I have plans to: eat a lot of croissants, visit design shops like Merci and Colette, stock up on tea at Hédiard, visit one of my favourite European clothing stores COS, find my (and my family’s) favourite chocolate, purchase a cool piece of art, bring back a French magazine (or several), and speak French! Oui, oui!


  1. Diana February 8, 2014

    I’m so excited for you, Jordana! I hope the trip ends up being far more play than work 🙂 The photography is really beautiful; I’m particularly fond of the one with the dogs. Thanks for introducing me to a new photographer; I’ve never seen his work before. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip to Paris! Bon Voyage

    • Jordana February 9, 2014

      Merci Diana! I’m obviously looking forward to the trip…minus the work prep I have to do between now and departure time! All is well. It’s going to be warmer than Waterloo and the croissants are going to be just perfect! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Silvia Del Rosso February 10, 2014

    Jordana, have a magnificent time in Paris and
    I hope your shopping spree will be successful.
    The photograpy of the Tower from every corner
    is always very interesting.
    Have a super duper time!

    • Jordana February 10, 2014

      Thanks so much!!!

  3. Shannon February 18, 2014


  4. Shannon February 18, 2014

    ooops…I mean, J’adore PARis!

  5. EyeCandyPopper March 5, 2014

    Those are beautiful photographs. I really like the style and simpleness of it all.

    • Jordana March 5, 2014

      Me too! Exactly.


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