The Friday Five: Staying Warm

Oh my goodness. It feels like -30C this morning. What?! How do you stay warm during these days of frigid temperatures? Here are five of the ways I’m staying warm (or trying really hard to).

1. I wear layers of wool sweaters. This week I’ve discovered that wearing two wool sweaters is much better than wearing one.


I wish I looked this chic in -30C weather, via Fashionsy

2. My office is fairly cold, so I keep my space heater on for most of the day. At home, I keep my house at about 72F and it’s working out well.


Anna Little space heater

3. I love blankets, so I make sure there’s always one (or several) within reach of my seat on the couch.


Hudson’s Bay blanket

4. Tea. Coffee. Mulled wine. Warm drinks of any kind are a must.



5. Boots. I don’t think I can live without my Sorel boots and UGGs. Happy feet. The. Best.


Sorel boots

 Have a great weekend dear readers! And do send over any tips for staying warm, please!


  1. Tia & Jeff January 24, 2014

    We got a HB throw for Christmas. It’s wonderful, but has made all other blankets feel about as warm as tissue paper.

    • Jordana January 26, 2014

      Oh you lucky ducks! Now you need to get rid of the tissue paper blankets and increase the number of HB throws in your house…new Christmas gifting tradition, perhaps?

  2. Silvia Del Rosso January 29, 2014

    An old fashioned wool scarf, boots, a warm coat and mitts
    make the trip to the bus stop warm and comfortable.

    • Jordana January 31, 2014

      Ah…it is hard to stay warm and happy in -30C temps! Thankfully today we have a balmy -5C or so. It’s pretty much spring. Ha!


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