The Friday Five: Staying Warm

Oh my goodness. It feels like -30C this morning. What?! How do you stay warm during these days of frigid temperatures? Here are five of the ways I’m staying warm (or trying really hard to).

1. I wear layers of wool sweaters. This week I’ve discovered that wearing two wool sweaters is much better than wearing one.


I wish I looked this chic in -30C weather, via Fashionsy

2. My office is fairly cold, so I keep my space heater on for most of the day. At home, I keep my house at about 72F and it’s working out well.


Anna Little space heater

3. I love blankets, so I make sure there’s always one (or several) within reach of my seat on the couch.


Hudson’s Bay blanket

4. Tea. Coffee. Mulled wine. Warm drinks of any kind are a must.



5. Boots. I don’t think I can live without my Sorel boots and UGGs. Happy feet. The. Best.


Sorel boots

 Have a great weekend dear readers! And do send over any tips for staying warm, please!