Uptown: Testing out the Paint

Painting is almost – almost – going to begin. I will start with PARA primer on some of the walls…



PARA primer

I have narrowed down my paint colours from about a thousand different white. While some people have told me…

11_9_09via You Look Like the Right Type

I know that no two whites are the same. I am now deciding between two colours. The first option is Chantilly Lace. This is a favourite white among many designers and has been featured in countless home magazines and blogs. In my home it looks quite good.


 Chantilly Lace

The second option is Behr’s Gallery White. It also looks good in various rooms in my home.


Gallery White

I decided to buy small cans of each colour so I could test them out in every room in my house. The paint clerk at the Home Depot pretty much laughed at me when she showed me the two colours after she mixed them. My friends did the same. Why I have to convince everyone that the two colours are really different is beyond me.

So this past weekend I painted two coats of each colour in various rooms around my house. I think this strategy will help me decide the final colour but it’s also a bit tricky because I didn’t prime and the colours underneath surely impact the way that I see the whites. The photo collage below gives you an idea of the differences although the lighting combined with the Instagram filter doesn’t give you a true sense of the shades.


Chantilly Lace (on top or on the left in every photo) + Gallery White (on the bottom or on the right in every photo)

I’d prefer to paint the whole house one colour but I may end up getting cans of both colours and just alternating the rooms. Ha ha…let’s see who would actually notice besides me!



  1. Silvia Del Rosso August 29, 2013

    If you don’t like one colour, you can paint over it. An easy solution.
    Enjoy your experiments with the two white colours.

  2. Therese August 29, 2013

    I would choose BM over Behr any day for quality, J! Both colours are good.
    Have fun, T

  3. Kisha September 2, 2013

    I’m in the process of painting my apartment (just moved in!) white (finished the living room) and feel your pain about picking the right one! I narrowed it down to 4 and finally narrowed it down to one (BM Cloud White) I did an entire post about it actually! Looking forward to seeing what you decide!

    • Jordana September 2, 2013

      Ah…classic cloud white. How is it turning out? I think I’m leaning toward Gallery White but Chantilly Lace is a good second option. I have a few places to prime before I paint. Although…I do have “buy paint” on my to do list for this week so I should really just pick one and move on. Right? It’s only paint!

  4. Johanne September 9, 2013

    Benjamin has never let me down in terms of quality!
    I still can’t believe that red wall.. people love heavy colours. Out with the old, in with the white! 🙂


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