Toys: Snake and a Plane

I was in NYC for part of the Christmas holiday where I spent time with my sister, brother-in-law and my two nephews. When my nephews were sleeping, guess who played with their toys? Yup – my brother-in-law. He created this entertaining composition:

snake on a plane, by Jeff

p.s. My nephews (about 2.5 years and 1.5 years old) both love these two toys. The snake is rubbery and stretchy which is fun. The boys love playing with the plane but some of the parts (e.g., wheels) kept falling off so my brother-in-law ended up gluing them into place.

Photos by Jordana.

Gift Guide: For Kids

I’m having so much fun looking for gifts for children this year (probably because so many friends and family members have had babies in 2010). Here are some cute options for the little ones in your life.

Armstrong the Spaceman, 14 GBP, The White Company

My Little Rocking Horse, 65 GBP, The White Company

White football team, 7.95 GBP, Muji

White leather bootees, 62 Euro, Smallable

Anne-Claire petit rattle, $19, Smallable

Playsam white streamliner car, $52, Smallable

Kidsonroof rocket small house, $57, Smallable

Images via Muji (football team), Smallable, The White Company (Spaceman), The White Company (Horse).

Many thanks to Michelle for introducing me to The White Company. I need to plan a trip to London!

Children’s Gifts: Ovale Paris

Ovale: Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris

Ovale, the brain child of designers Gilles Neveu and Vladimir Flabert, houses some of the most cuddliest toys, softest clothes, simplest jewelry, and prettiest silver gifts for babies and children. This unique, minimalist brand carries many items which make gift-giving memorable and unique.

Clothes neatly hung in a row at Ovale, Paris

Browse Ovale’s current collection by clicking here.

Images by Jordana.

Nesting in Ottawa

On my most recent trip to Ottawa, I was so happy to have stumbled upon Nest, the sweetest children’s toy store located on the ever-evolving (and increasingly popular) Dalhousie Street. I was quickly attracted to the brightness of the space and the colourful (yes, I said colourful) wooden objects. The blocks, mobiles, and soft woollen toys reminded me of my travels in Switzerland and I knew I just had to have a peek inside. Let me tell you, Nest is a delight!

Sweet faces, Papoum Papoum

Lisa, the friendly owner, took me on a tour and spoke of her fondness for beautiful, organic, and eco-friendly toys and textiles.  Although most of Nest’s inventory is full of colour, I was so happy to see such a lovely selection of white toys and clothes. I’m thrilled to feature some of her products here but I urge you to have a wander down to Dalhousie if you’re in Ottawa or have a look on Nest’s website for more European and locally-made goodies for the kids in your life!

Dolls, Papoum Papoum

Dolls, Papoum Papoum

Whale, Papoum Papoum

Wool-stuffed animals

Wool-stuffed horse

Guardian Angel

Baby clothes made from natural cotton, Color Grown Clothing Company

Lisa & the down-filled Bisous Baby Sleepsack

 Many thanks to Lisa for taking the time out of her busy day for showing me around Nest.

Some of the featured products are from: Bisous Baby, Colorgrown Clothing Company & Papoum Papoum.

All photos by me.