Nesting in Ottawa

On my most recent trip to Ottawa, I was so happy to have stumbled upon Nest, the sweetest children’s toy store located on the ever-evolving (and increasingly popular) Dalhousie Street. I was quickly attracted to the brightness of the space and the colourful (yes, I said colourful) wooden objects. The blocks, mobiles, and soft woollen toys reminded me of my travels in Switzerland and I knew I just had to have a peek inside. Let me tell you, Nest is a delight!

Sweet faces, Papoum Papoum

Lisa, the friendly owner, took me on a tour and spoke of her fondness for beautiful, organic, and eco-friendly toys and textiles.  Although most of Nest’s inventory is full of colour, I was so happy to see such a lovely selection of white toys and clothes. I’m thrilled to feature some of her products here but I urge you to have a wander down to Dalhousie if you’re in Ottawa or have a look on Nest’s website for more European and locally-made goodies for the kids in your life!

Dolls, Papoum Papoum

Dolls, Papoum Papoum

Whale, Papoum Papoum

Wool-stuffed animals

Wool-stuffed horse

Guardian Angel

Baby clothes made from natural cotton, Color Grown Clothing Company

Lisa & the down-filled Bisous Baby Sleepsack

 Many thanks to Lisa for taking the time out of her busy day for showing me around Nest.

Some of the featured products are from: Bisous Baby, Colorgrown Clothing Company & Papoum Papoum.

All photos by me.