Marketplace: EQ3 – Proudly Canadian

EQ3 is a Canadian furniture and home decor design company that strives to offer well-crafted and highly attractive products which are (mostly) made in Canada. I think EQ3 has a lot of great things to offer in terms of their inventory as well as in its design aesthetic and business philosophy. While you discover EQ3’s collection, be sure you don’t miss out on the work by some of my design favourites – Marimekko, Vitra, Alessi, and Herman Miller.

EQ3 Oblong Lamp

EQ3 Mini Table Lamp White

Marimekko Lumimarja Pillow Case

EQ3+ Vitra Elephant White

Images courtesy of EQ3. EQ3 locations.

Marimekko World

Cityscape and people watching on your duvet by Marimekko

What can I say? I have Marimekko graphics on the mind this week and I couldn’t help featuring some of the latest collection.

The Finnish company continues to build on their renowned use of bold graphics and cheerful colours hailing back to the brand’s conception in the swirl of mid-century design aesthetic.

Despite my rainbow tendencies, I fell for today’s white and black accessories for the home. My favourite print: the urban city scene outlines that are like a flash in time capturing the essence of movement with a few sketches.

Marimekko kitchen accessories

Marimekko tray

Marimekko kitchen accessories

Marimekko kitchen accessory

Marimekko kitchen accessories

Marimekko plywood tray

Marimekko kitchen accessories

Marimekko duvet cover

Marimekko duvet cover

All images courtesy of Marimekko.