Marketplace: 2014 Agenda Book

I was thrilled when I discovered Julie Joliat’s agenda books last year. My 2013 book served me well and the weekly connect-the-dots kept me entertained. I thought the layout of the book worked very well and there was enough space each day to write down my meetings and tasks. My “to do” lists are usually kept in another notebook although I know some people like having space in their agenda to jot down these sorts of lists. Anyway, because I was so pleased with how the booked worked for 2013, I kept tabs on Julie Joliat’s site and as soon as the 2014 agenda was released, I placed my order.

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Agenda 2014 by Julie Joliat

The 2014 agenda is set up so that each week there’s a task to complete. Everything from buy a bouquet of flowers (week 13) to cook a Cambodian meal (recipe included) (week 26) to make a donation (week 41). I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!

Marketplace: 2013 Agendas by Julie Joliat

Each year around this time my sister Corie and I become semi-competitive. Why? Well, because we’re each on the hunt for the most perfect agenda for the upcoming year. Last year Corie found Sarah Pinto‘s colourful agendas on a trip to San Francisco. One year she bought me a most beautiful agenda with a cut-out cover from Japan. A few years ago she settled on a fun Lilly Pulitzer while I opted for a plain Letts of London.

This year, I know I have won the agenda search competition!

You see – a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the work of Zurich-based graphic designer Julie Joliat. O.M.G. I could barely contain my excitement when I saw what was on the computer screen in front of me. White. Graphic. Swiss (you know how attached I am to Switzerland!). The most-perfect-for-me 2013 agenda! Corie was on vacation at the time so I couldn’t call her to brag so I had to keep calm (I mean, people might think I’m really nuts if I went on and on about my discovery, right?). I went ahead and placed an order for both of Julie’s designs because, well, I just had to!


above photos by Julie Joliat

I have rarely seen so many extra useful pages of information in an agenda book which makes me additionally happy with these ones. Weekly and monthly calendars are followed by several useful pages which details things like laundry symbols, clothing size conversion, vintage French red wine chart, and cooking ideas (possibly my favourite guide).

above photos by Jordana

So, if you’re anything like Corie or me and you are in need of a 2013 agenda, then let me please strongly encourage you to get one of these designs. And place your order asap as both are limited editions (300 copies).