Books: Review of Why LA – Pourquoi Paris

I recently received a copy of the book Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? to review. While I have been to Los Angeles, it was a short trip, and I didn’t really get to live the LA life. Paris, on the other hand, is one of (who am I kidding – it is) my favourite city. In

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Books: Vacation Reads

My blog posts have been scattered this week because it’s back-to-school season, and, well, that means a pretty lively time of year for me! I’m taking a pause from the Friday Five to share with you my recent reading list. This post has been in draft form for a couple of weeks now, so it

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Books: Review of Decorate for Party

It was a great mail day when I spotted Decorate for a Party in my mailbox. The book by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring is full of beautiful images and great ideas for party decor. I read it from front to back on my first sitting (while eating cookies, of course!). The book begins with

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